Drone work during COVID-19

UAVISUALS is still here for you during this time!

Yes, we are open and want to let you know that our drone work is still practical and possible while adhering to the governmentโ€™s lockdown restrictions during COVID-19 pandemic.

Our drone work can typically be completed remotely. During this Corona outbreak, we are wanting to ensure companies that we can still get done what they need even if your employees are working from home. For example; we have the ability to live-stream our video and drone work straight to your computer.

We have compiled a list below of the measure we are taking and services we still offer that may help your business during this time.

Our safety measures:

  • All our pilots have trained In the Covid-19 Infection Control Training by the Department of Health.
  • Our crew & pilots operate in isolation & can travel in their individual vehicles if needed
  • We use infection (PPE) personal protective equipment at all times during operations ie. 3M masks, gloves etc
  • All vehicles and personnel have alcohol-based sanitisers
  • Our equipment and vehicles are washed regularly (All touchpoints)
  • We can provide a live feed to you from our drone monitors – No need for you to be on-site

Drone inspections in remote VIC.

Our services still operational:

Creative services:

  • Film & TV (Drone only or small crew)
  • Real estate marketing
  • Photography
  • Social media content
  • Perspective views
  • Construction and Development Progress reporting

Drone Commercial Services:

  • Construction Progress
  • Roof inspections
  • Insurance reporting
  • Asset Inspections – Powerlines, remote sites, roofs etc.
  • Surveys/ Mapping
  • Property 3D visualisations
  • VR/ 360 Imagery
  • Thermal imaging
  • Surveillance & Security monitoring


While we are aware that some aspects of business may be slow at the moment. We want to highlight that this can also be a great time to focus on other areas of your company that may have been pushed to the side during busier periods. We can help to build up your business so that when our world returns to โ€˜normโ€™, you are ahead of the rest and have spent your time wisely. Some suggestions we include:

  • Business development profile
  • Promotional Videos/ Imagery
  • Coronavirus related messaging
  • Online videos for business transitions ie. Home gym workouts etc
  • Creating marketing content (online, offline)
  • Image/ Video library
  • Website content and image refresh


We will provide further visual examples on our Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and website in the weeks and months to come during these uncertain times.

UAVisuals is still here for you, stay safe, we will all get through this together.

Contact: info@uavisuals.com