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UAVISUALS Creative are video and photography content specialists. Not just flying drones, but the creative team comes from 20+ years in TV, broadcast, and video production. We can plan, shoot and deliver a variety of online and social content from promotional, corporate and explainer videos

Promotional Video Content

Tourism video production

UAVISUALS have partnered with Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs, after a recent $13 Million expansion, to create a breathtaking promotional video highlighting the outstanding new facilities dubbed the โ€œNew Experienceโ€.


Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs

Corporate Videos

High Impact

Corporate videos are high-value 60-sec featurettes designed to showcase project highlights quickly and efficiently. We work with you to film and edit a stunning masterpiece, perfect for those looking to make an impact online.

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Capture your event from every angle!

In a booming industry that is innovative, drones can offer increased social engagement & sharable content UAVisuals have had success filming motorsports, social media stunt campaigns, school incursions and more.

  • Charity fun-runs
  • Event activations
  • School and education events
  • Demonstration
  • Social media campaigns


Chemist Warehouse

Explainer videos

What is it..?

What better way to explain a product or service than to show it in video form. Explainer videos are incredibly useful and effective for all sorts of scenarios from internal training to product demonstrations, meeting pitches, and more.


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