Remote Drone Inspections


Roof and structural drone inspections

The biggest advantage of drone asset and structural inspections is that our service provides little to no disruption to facility operations.

Due to the precision, control, and lightweight construction of our UAV’s (drones) we can operate up close to subjects or utilise a high powered zoom camera, gaining a better view without compromising safety or property.

Our ability to conduct such highly detailed asset inspections from the air is unique – providing a safer, more cost-effective, and timely outcome for our customers.

500kv transmission line inspections with thermal capabilities


CASE STUDY: Chadstone Shopping Centre Indoor Inspections

Read how our micro-drones were used inside the southern hemisphers largest shopping centre


Digital Twins – 3D Models

Using drone data to make informed decisions – replicating a life-like ‘digital twin’ of an asset for condition reporting. 

A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. We use drones to replicate structures that might be too dangerous to climb or expensive.

The results are true to life, accurate, and cost-effective. The software is incredibly powerful enabling markup tools such as measuring distance, slope, azimuth, height with a simple click. 

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CASE STUDY: Queen Victoria Market Roof Inspection

Read how our drones were used to safely conduct visual inspections for QVM


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Thermal & Infrared

It’s no secret about thermal technology, however, a thermal camera on a drone has become an invaluable tool.

Equipped with a live feed to the pilot, you are able to view temperature and heat signature readings in real-time.

Thermal camera reading per pixel


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Obtain detailed roof reports from a single flyover

From a single automated drone flyover, you can extract invaluable data, saving precious time and money. Our software also enables image markups, annotations, and reporting.

drone roof inspection report

A highly accurate and detailed view of a roof can be obtained by a single flyover.

Stay Informed

Our drones transmit a live video feed to our base station monitors, allowing managers to see assets in real-time.

Our inspection services are included in many routine maintenance schedules in addition to the one-off tasks. This enables qualified personnel to make informed decisions based on live imagery and data.

Derrick drone inspections on an Oil & Gas site


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Eliminate Risk

The safety of ALL employees in any situation is the most important consideration.

Our drones (UAVs) can be sent in to do the dangerous and risky inspection tasks that would otherwise have to be done by a person. This eliminates the element of danger in otherwise potentially high-risk situations.

UAVisuals specialises in bridging the gap between the helicopters and the conventional ground crews regarding working from heights.

We provide highly detailed photos, HD, live video, and thermal imaging to asset managers, linesmen, and inspection engineers. Our UAV systems are specifically calibrated and shielded against high levels of electromagnetic interference from powerlines. 


Highly trained, experienced, and compliant pilots.

Drone Industrial Applications

  • Bridge inspections (from above and below)
  • Utilities / powerlines (thermal)
  • Cooling towers
  • Chemical plants and refineries
  • Industrial, residential roof inspections
  • Offshore activities (Oil & Gas platforms and pipelines)
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Wind turbines
  • Weather & communication towers
  • Remote sensing (gas, lasers, magnetometers)