Hunted Australia S02

Hunted Australia, Season 2: The Ultimate Game of Hide and Seek

Hunted Australia is a real-life game of extreme hide and seek that pushes ten pairs of regular Aussies to their limits. If they stay hidden for 21 days straight, they win a life-changing $100,000 prize. If caught by the hunters, they leave with nothing

The ‘Hunters’ are led by acclaimed former Australian Federal Police Detective Superintendent Dr. David Craig and a team of pursuit experts. Including former Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force, and British Intelligence personnel. They will relentlessly pursue the hunt for the contestants using their superior investigative abilities and experience.

To amp up the excitement and drama, UAVISUALS, drone operatives have been called to assist as ‘specialised hunters’. With their cutting-edge thermal drone technology and unique set of skills, season 2 is one not to be missed!


View Episode 7 here: https://10play.com.au/hunted/episodes/season-2/episode-7/tpv230725ekjzg  

Production by: Endemol shine