Solar Mapping & PV inspections

Construction progress | Survey | Thermography

UAVISUALS drone enterprise services offer a range of solar Photovoltaic (PV) mapping and inspection services across Australia and beyond. Our team of highly trained pilots utilises cutting-edge drone technology to provide accurate and reliable thermography solar mapping data.

A turn-key solution for the solar industry.

Thermal acquisition data includes:

  • Coverage 15-20 Mw Per day (Per pilot)
  • Height: 75m
  • Front overlap 70%
  • Side overlap 70%
  • GSD +- 3
  • Daily data uploads
  • Experienced pilots
  • All locations

Read how our drones mapped one of Australia’s biggest Solar farms



Using advanced thermal imaging drone technology to detect anomalies and defects. 

We can quickly and efficiently thermal map large areas and identify potential issues before they become costly problems

Survey & Mapping

Our drone survey & mapping services are designed for the solar industry. We use high-resolution aerial imagery and advanced software to create detailed 2D orthomosaic maps and terrain modeling to optimise panel placements.

Construction Progress

Utilising our latest in drone technology to capture high-quality imagery of your build throughout its various stages. These images not only serve as a visual representation of your progress but can also be used to identify potential issues and make data-driven decisions.  

With our construction progress imagery services, you can effectively communicate with stakeholders and keep them up-to-date on the milestones of your project.


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