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UAVISUALS™ Creative is an in-house, digital content, video production agency.

Drone Photography, Video & Content

As Australia’s preferred drone photography and video professionals, we also offer a full-service creative package from pre-production to studio editing at the highest quality for all industries and services. We are experts in creating commercial real estate, luxury resorts, events, construction, and time-lapse video content for social media, web, and TV.

Drones give us the ability to show stunning photography and videography in a unique way at an affordable price. Our professional team of pilots, photographers, video and marketing experts will work with you to showcase your product or service whilst keeping a customer-centric focus, approaching every job with a holistic understanding.

Cutting-edge drone technology

  • 5.2K 30fps
  • 4k 60fps 
  • 27 mins Flight time
  • 93Kph Max Speed
  • Range: Up to 7km
  • Live view at 1080p
  • Apple ProRes/ CinemaDNG





Real Estate

Residential | Commercial | Corporate

Drone services are a fast, efficient and a cost-effective way to market real estate.

Drones not only offer the real estate industry a unique perspective on their subject but also the ability to catch the eye of your potential buyer. The imagery allows the buyer to understand proximity, location and surrounds of their future property from an elevated position.




TV | Social | Web

The flexibility and efficiency of drones enable us to replace traditional cinematic methods such as helicopters, jibs, booms and cranes. 

Using drones for cinematography will reduce time and costs for your production and provide more flexibility for creativity.

Our drone operators are fully qualified, certified and insured. We also use the best and latest equipment to ensure safety as well as maintaining a high production value.


Australia’s Golden Outback Tourism Campaign

Resorts & Tourism

Luxury | Commercial | Government

Nothing sells luxury holidays better than stunning imagery and cinematography from the sky. UAVISUALS have filmed some of the most spectacular luxury resorts and hotels in the world including Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, and Kenya.

Aerial footage adds a new level of luxury to a marketing campaign. We use a combination of on the ground and drone setups to showcase the property.

View our latest resort case study.


The Edge Bali

Photography first.

We are creative people with a foundation in Video Production and Content Marketing.



In an booming industry that is innovative, fast paced and sometimes unpredictable, drones can offer increased social engagement, sharable content and unique imagery. UAVisuals have had success filming motorsports, social media stunt campaigns, school incursions and more.

  • Charity fun-runs
  • Drone delivery stunts
  • School and education events
  • Demonstration
  • Social media campaigns


Chemist Warehouse drone delivery stunt