GWM has gained a reputation for producing high-quality and affordable vehicles. In recent years, they have focused on developing hybrid and electric vehicles to meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

As part of their efforts to promote their electric vehicle lineup, GWM organised a special event called the NEV Drive Experience. The day was designed to give guests from interstate a chance to test drive Haval’s new electric vehicles.

The event was held on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, an iconic area south of Melbourne filled with wineries & picturesque views. In addition to test driving the vehicles, guests had the opportunity to view unreleased vehicles and gain in-depth knowledge about GWM’s hybrid and electric vehicle technology. There were also direct interactions with the engineers and product leads to further understand the brand.


UAVISUALS’ key task was to capture the essence of the day and showcase the excitement and energy of the event.

As an experienced drone and videography company, UAVISUALS were tasked with planning, shooting, and editing the GWM Drive Day. To achieve this, UAVISUALS used both on the ground and aerial videography to capture footage from all different perspectives. The team of four included experienced drone operators, camera operators, and a director of photography (DOP) who worked together seamlessly to capture stunning footage.

Our team worked closely with GWM to understand the goals and objectives of the event. The use of aerial drone technology allowed us to capture stunning footage of the vehicles in action, as well as the beautiful surroundings of the event location. Our team also utilised on the ground videography to capture up-close and personal shots of the guests as well as mounting internal cameras to capture real time reactions and their experience during the drives.

After capturing the footage, UAVISUALS’ post production team worked tirelessly to create a high-quality, engaging video that captured the excitement and energy of the NEV Drive Day. The final video showcased the new electric vehicles, the beautiful Melbourne landscape, and the interactions between the guests and GWM representatives, effectively communicating GWM’s mission to innovate and lead the way in the electric vehicle market.

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