UFC 284 Countdown – Perth


The UFC is a globally renowned mixed martial arts organisation that has become synonymous with top-tier MMA fights and events. The company is known for its live events that showcase some of the most talented fighters from around the world, and it has built a reputation for itself as the premier MMA organisation in the world.

As part of their marketing efforts, the UFC engages expert companies to assist with the planning and execution of their promotional videos.

One such project was the UFC 284 Countdown video, for which UAVISUALS was engaged to capture drone footage. The aim of this video was to generate excitement around the main event and drive ticket sales in Perth, Western Australia.


UAVISUALS, a leading drone expert company, played a crucial role in capturing stunning aerial footage of Perth’s most iconic locations and was called upon to provide their expertise in planning and executing drone camera sequences for the UFC. 

Using drones, UAVISUALS were tasked with capturing and showcasing both the natural beauty and man-made attractions of the city including the Swan River, Elizabeth Quay, Cottesloe Beach, as well as RAC Arena, where the event would be taking place. This allowed the UFC to present Perth in a new and unique way, offering fans a fresh perspective on the city’s stunning landscape and vibrant culture.

Overall, UAVISUALS played a crucial role in the success of the UFC 284 countdown video, helping the organisation promote its main event in Perth to a global audience that helped generate excitement around the event and contributed to its success of achieving a sold out attendance of 14,124 & generating $5,911,598 (AUD), the highest grossing gate for any arena in Australia.

UAVISUALS team with UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and former Australian UFC champ, Robert Whittaker

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