Flying with confidence – Drone Training

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LEVEL: Intermediate
Flown a few times but really want to get the most of your drone? This is the course for you.



Our best seller & a must for those wanting to get more confident flying drones! The course covers everything you need to know about the drone, avoiding crashes, how to use the ‘Intelligent Flight Modes’ & how to make you a better pilot!

This course is perfect for those with a bit of flight experience but want to know the full ins & outs of UAV operations.

It’s a more hands-on, practical session demonstrating flying exercises, location scouting & getting out of emergency scenarios.

Topics covered:

  • Technical aspects of the UAV- Technology onboard, software, hardware, correct setup, updating etc.
  • Basic CASA rules & regs-Where can and can’t I fly/ keeping you and the aircraft safe
  • Location scouting & planning – Things to look for before launching, pre-flight checks and post flight
  • Must-have apps – For weather, flying and scouting.
  • Emergency scenarios – Bird strikes, loss of signal, loss of sight etc.
  • Hazards, threats and error management- What threats are in the sky, i.e. Birds, trees, powerlines & tricks to avoid crashes
  • Must have accessories- 3rd party and essential add-ons to help your flights.
  • Drone flying exercises to make you a good pilot – Manoeuvres to practice, flying in ATTI mode etc..


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Additional information


Please allow 4hrs for this session

What you need?

You need to bring your own drone and a minimum of 2 batteries. Make sure batteries & controller are fully charged!

How do I book and pay?

Use the link on the bottom of the 'Description' tab page to schedule a time & pay.
If you have any issues please email

Age restrictions?

17+ (Persons under 17 needs to be accompanied by an adult)