Drone Photography 101- All skill levels


LEVEL: Beginner to Advanced
I can fly my drone, now I really want to take better photos!

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Learn the secrets in shooting like a pro! The course covers best camera settings, tips, and tricks for drone photography.

Want to know how to take amazing drone shots for Instagram or for a large print? We cover clever angles, composition, lighting and photography basics to get the most out of your drone.

The session is more practical and hands-on. We meet at a cafe first, talk about the basics & theory then get the bird in the air for some fun!

After the shoot, you will review the images taken over a coffee & a quick edit on Lightroom desktop or mobile to show your work!



  • Understand the exposure triangle
  • Why you should always shoot RAW (.DNG)
  • How to frame the perfect shot
  • When and why ND filters should be used
  • Best setting for drone photography
  • Full walk-through of the DJI GO 4 App
  • How to bring out the most in your image using Lightroom
  • How to take horizontal, vertical panoramas, 360 spheres & more



  • RAW VS JPEG what should I be shooting & why?
  • Best settings for photography
  • Composition rules and framing
  • What ISO/ Shutter & Aperture means
  • Best safety settings for photography
  • Instagram/ social media best practices
  • Histogram – what is it and why should I use it
  • Using filters – ND/ CPL/ UV, what do they all do?
  • Using Intelligent flight modes for photography
  • Drone accessories to purchase
  • Location scouting & planning – How to scout for the perfect location
  • Operating within CASA limits as a hobby or for commercial gain. (Sub 2Kg or higher)
  • Technical aspects of the UAV- Technology onboard, software, hardware, correct setup, updating etc.



Click the below to pay and schedule a time for the training. Alternatively, email workshops@uavisuals.com if you require further assistance or an invoice.




From humble beginnings building modifying and flying drones in our garage to a well established, trusted Australian commercial drone services company, we want to share our knowledge back to the growing drone community.


Our company was built on the foundation skills and disciples of photography and videography,  Drones were a natural progression for us.


UAVISUALS and our team come from a variety of industries and experience from real estate to tourism, construction, infrastructure and more with a solid understanding of the drone landscape with industry experience to show.


Additional information


Please allow 4hrs for this session

What you need?

You need to bring your own drone and a minimum of 2 batteries. Make sure batteries & controller are fully charged!

How do I book and pay?

Use the link on the bottom of the 'Description' tab page to schedule a time & pay.
If you have any issues please email workshops@uavisuals.com

Age restrictions?

17+ (Persons under 17 needs to be accompanied by an adult)