Commerical Drone Business MasterClass


LEVEL: Intermediate /Business
Take your drone business to the next level


Looking to get into the $165 Billion dollar drone industry but no idea where to start? 


UAVISUALS and their affiliated partners have created a 2-day (non-accredited) masterclass workshop that will help you get started in the drone industry or get your staff trained and ready for commercial operations. We take you through a consulting and practical workshop covering technical aspects, industry insights that are in high demand, how to win work and practical flying to get you skilled up for your operations.


The masterclass is hands-on and industry focused, based on 4 years operating commercially for large clients in the film, photography, construction, inspections and real estate.


These courses are based on the success of not just UAVISUALS, but various other well established Australian drone companies!



The Commercial drone Masterclass workshop is designed for those serious about getting into the industry and want to kickstart their knowledge and growth in the space.

The course is designed for individuals, small businesses owners and large companies wanting to use drones in their applications.  It is a hands-on practical session taking you through flying exercises, location scouting & walk-through real-life drone job scenarios.

Our course curriculum is based on real-life case studies, sharing with you our industry knowledge and how we execute jobs on construction sites, film sets and more.

We have trained helicopter pilots, Real Estate photographers, small business owners right up to large infrastructure and civil inspections companies.

If you require a CASA license we work with an affiliated CASA approved licensing and training company which we can point you towards to get any of the following licenses;

  • RePL + AROC
  • ReOC
  • Sub 25kg
  • Fixed wing


  • How to make money with drones (understanding the market and where opportunities lie)
  • What clients are after and how to win work
  • Business tips – Getting started & Marketing 101
  • Fly your drone with confidence – Avoid crashes
  • Aircraft type training – Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom, Inspire 2, Matrice M210
  • Operational procedures – How to execute jobs
  • What gear to buy and what to stay away from – Must have accessories, drone types, lenses etc
  • Understand professionalism and the Do’s & Don’ts 
  • Technical aspects of the UAV- Technology onboard, software, hardware, correct setup, updating etc
  • How to shoot for Real Estate, Construction, Lev 1 Inspections, Developers, Tourism, Government
  • Video best practices and settings
  • Location scouting & planning – Things to look for before launching, pre-flight checks and post flight
  • Must-have apps – For weather, flying and scouting


Day 1: Intro to drones & photography
– Intro to drones and drone types- Flying with confidence
– Pre-booking, enquiry & preparation
– Organisational and operational procedures for businesses
– Hazards, threats & error management – How to prevent crashes
– Where to take off and land from for all types of jobs
– Drone services job types – What you can service
– Drone photography. Best settings, app walkthrough, shot types for Real estate etc

– Photo editing basics (Practical flying exercises throughout the day)

Day 2: Drone videography & business use
– Recap on day 1
– Best drones for Videography
– How to get the most out of your drone for video
– Best settings for videography
– Shot types, top must camera movements techniques every operator must know
– Sequences & scenes – Putting together a great drone video
– Exercises to make you a better drone pilot
– Video editing basics

(Practical flying exercises throughout the day)


Want to know more?

Email workshops@uavisuals.com if you require further information or schedule a call




From humble beginnings building modifying and flying drones in our garage to a well established, trusted Australian drone services company, we want to share our knowledge back to the growing drone community.


Our company was built on the foundation skills and disciples of photography and videography,  Drones were a natural progression for us.


UAVISUALS and our team come from a variety of industries and experience from real estate to tourism, construction, infrastructure and more with a solid understanding of the drone landscape with industry experience to show.

Additional information


Please allow 2 full days for this session

What you need?

You need to bring your own drone and a minimum of 2 batteries, pen, paper. (Make sure batteries & controller are fully charged)

How do I book and pay?

Please email workshops@uavisuals.com first so we can get an idea of your needs and current skill level. Once we customize training for you we will issue you an invoice.

Age restrictions?

17+ (Persons under 17 needs to be accompanied by an adult)