Straw bale House Eco Retreat

Drone survey of straw bale house ECO retreat

Debra & her partner run a 10 ha eco retreat in Melbourne’s Mornington peninsular. A fantastic way to get away from the big smoke and be one with nature again! The property is purposely built to be as sustainable and energy efficient as possible. From growing organic fruit & veg, renewable energy, mixing hay & cement for walls to LED downlights.

The property also has goats, horses, chickens, migrating ducks and their 2 lovely dogs (Rosie & Porche).

Drone imagery of the property


Strawbale House Eco Retreat prides itself on its sustainable living and best practices. Some of the features of the property are below

  • Solar power
  • Water treatment and purification plant for sewerage and grey water
  • Vacuated tubes solar hot water
  • Rain water tanks for all house water
  • Dam water  for gardens, animals, and fire prevention
  • Passive solar designed house
  • Maximum insulation( strawbale building material)
  • Low carbon footprint, renewable or recycled building material
  • Local sand and lime render inside and out( a surface that breathes and traps in carbon in the process)
  • Low energy appliances and LED throughout
  • Double glazed windows
  • Low flush toilets
  • Greenhouse for propagation
  • Vegetable and fruit gardens(self sufficiency)
  • Chickens and bees

For more information ontheir sustainable living features or if you like to stay with Debra there are 3 rooms listed on Airbnb; Ground floor, Amber room and the 2 room wing or give her a call on 0401132639.


Provide drone survey imagery of the property so the owners can overlay plans to build a natural water garden for growing aqua plants, and designing a natural swimming pond. Also for the flow of water over the property, to create creek beds and natural habitat for migrating birds and local flora and fauna.


We used the latest drone software to map the entire property. Drone flightpaths are pre-programmed and completely automated including takeoff & landing.

dronedeploy app

Monitoring the drone’s flight in real-time.

When data is processed the output can be a high res 2D image, 3D orthomosaic model or elevation map of the area. The 2D map will give Debra an idea from a bird eye point of view where to place the water garden.

3D model

3D model

2D drone map of property

2D High Res

Elevation map

Elevation map

The terrain model will help her fine-tune and confirm the position of where she wants the tank to be. Terrain gradients on the image will give her an idea of water runoffs due to gravity and where the water is most likely to pool into after a large downpour.

For more information on mapping contact info@uavisuals.com