Sanctuary Lakes Resort


Just situated 20 mins from Melbourne’s CBD Sanctuary Lakes Resort was built around a world-class Greg Norman designed 18-hole golf course and a 60-hectare lake.


Facilities that are provided to residents include 24/7 mobile security patrols, a recreation club with a gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, a café and a resort maintenance team.


Sanctuary lakes approached UAVISUALS as Melbourne’s leading drone photography and video creators to put together a cinematic masterpiece along with drone and ground photography for the Resort. Without hesitation, we accepted and got down to work!


Sample Image gallery:


Visual Solutions:

The approach we have gone with takes the viewer on a cinematic journey through the incredible Sanctuary that surrounds the property. We have constructed the video promoting a lifestyle rather than the product- which is a proven marketing strategy when it comes to video content.


The video showcases the resort facilities, and its beautiful surroundings through a young mum and her family. Starting off the day with her daily exercise and meditational routine followed by having quality time with her family. All of which are done surrounded by the picturesque landscape in Melbourne’s western suburb of Point Cook.


In the video, we have added subtle elements of the facilities such as the cafe, sporting areas, play areas, lakes, butterfly islands, golf course without taking the focus away from the story.

At the end of the featurette, there is a beautiful tracking shot of a pelican which reveals the magical sunrise surrounding the property one last time. This shot and many others also tie in well with the use of symbolic icons throughout such as the butterfly on the toddler’s arm and the iconic ‘butterfly islands’ and the use of birds linking back to the corporate identity.


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Client: Sanctuary Lakes Resort


Video & Aerial Production: UAVISUALS