Oikos, Breakneck Gorge, Hepburn Springs


Oikos at Breakneck Gorge is a bold designer statement in high-end architecture, sitting on one of the most beautiful and spectacular nature sites in Victoria. The range of homestead and short-term luxury rental accommodation is stunning.

UAVisuals was asked to provide aerial imagery and drone services, to showcase the new residential building, which is a modern structure, complete with expansive viewing deck, glass-framed daybed, designer furniture, freestanding black polished cement bath and an architecturally inspired garden.



Time spend at Oikos is a stylish, romantic and invigorating experience, it’s no wonder the designers won a number of awards.

Visual solutions:

The only way to showcase this property and its  views is from the air, and that’s why we were called in. The client wanted to show off more than just the spectacular designer dwelling.

Using our latest drone technology, we were able to create various looks by our interchangeable lenses and meticulous planning around the golden hours. It was important that the colour tones, sky and composition was perfect.


Lead Architect:

Brett Robertson

Drone Photography: