Foodora Drone Delivered Lunch


Popular restaurant delivery service Foodora has joined forces with UAVisuals to deliver lunch differently – by drone!

Facilitated by Melbourne’s top innovation and experience Company- IE Digital, some of the biggest and most influential names in retail were invited for a rather interesting lunch. Their lunch was delivered by a drone (aka UAV) from a mexican restaurant Fonda, not to far away from their trendy Richmond location.

foodoraDrones have been the hot topic of conversation of late; in relation to the advancements of food delivery made possible with this ‘disruptive technology’. In November 2016, Foodora showcased to guests that they are at the forefront of these developments in the food delivery space.

foodora pick up

Package dispatched!


Enjoying a UAV delivered lunch


Featured on Ch 9 Australia

Although, Foodora currently do not offer UAV deliveries as part of their service, the reality of this happening is not far away for some retailers. In recent news, a 7-Eleven store in Nevada completed 77 successful drone deliveries!

This and other unconventional use of drones makes us at UAVisuals very excited about the future of innovation and technology!

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Disclaimer: The drone delivery was executed as a stunt for theatrical purposes only and was conducted over several days under controlled conditions and clever editing to achieve the desired outcome. Comprehensive risk assessments and careful planning was conducted shot by shot.