Puma Bitumen OLEXOCRUMB®– Turning recycled tyres into roads

We love seeing the energy sector innovating sustainable solutions! UAVISUALS were honored to work on a revolutionary initiative by Puma Energy and Boral, – OLEXOCRUMB®, turning recycled tyres into roads!

56 million passenger tyres are ditched in Australia every year. That’s equivalent to 2 tyres per Australian, per year. With the use of CRMB (Crumb Rubber, Modified Bitumen), Puma Bitumen will be recycling over 25 thousand equivalent passenger tyre units per week. Not only is this solution more sustainable, but it also results in a more elastic and durable product.

Puma Energy has successfully demonstrated the new OLEXOCRUMB® (a crumb rubber binder) on a public road for the first time! The trial was organised by Transport for Victoria and following this initial success, Puma Energy will use the binder in Victoria, Queensland and later New South Wales.

With its global supply, logistics, and technical capabilities, Puma Bitumen (a subsidiary of Puma Energy) not only sources high-quality bitumen but also manufactures and supplies a full range of products across the world.

 Crumb rubber (OLEXOCRUMB®)

OLEXOCRUMB was specifically formulated to comply with Australian road binder specifications. In a world that needs a stronger focus on recyclable materials, Puma Bitumen has come up with a solution for repurposing old tyres in an eco-friendly way to create more durable roads. It’s called ‘crumb rubber modified bitumen (CRMB)’ and it is made using Australian-sourced, end of life tyres. For more info on the product visit roads online.


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Puma Energy

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