How to hand catch drone

You might be wondering why on earth would you want to catch your drone?! Just take off and land from the ground like every other normal person.. right? You will most likely find yourself in a tricky situation that’s out of your control and force you to catch-land your drone.

Some situations can be a dog has started chasing it in a park, a rocky boat, windy day, your landing pad has moved, small balcony or landing in a confined space etc.

Remember these 4 easy steps:

  1. Find a landing area

  2. Hover

  3. Step-in & grab

  4. Power down


Lets break it down…

1- Find a landing area

Find a safe area with a relative radius of around 2 meters that you can step into. The spot should be away from the public or any hazards. Once you have the area in mind slowly start bringing the drone down into it. Also remember to make sure the drone is facing forward at all times! This will help with your control and coordination.


2- Hover-  Just above head height

When your drone is in the area you will need to hover it just above your head height so it’s within arm’s reach. You can always lift your hand to check before stepping in. Hovering below or at head height can become a bit dangerous and hard to catch safely.

If you need to jump to get it its too high, if you need to squat then it’s too low!

catch a drone- head height

3- Step in & grab.

You need to make sure the drone is in the landing area.. NOT where you are standing. Once you have it hovering where you want it ..Step into your landing area, carefully taking note of the propellers and grab the drone by one of the rear legs (or the underside of the mavic) and hold tight!

You will get a bit of resistance & noise as it thinks it’s been moved by a gust of wind and it is trying to compensate for its shift in position. Don’t let it scare you.

Soon as you grab it tight, we go to the final step..

catch land drone

4- Power down

Soon as you have the drone in your hand, with your left hand, use your thumb to throttle down. On most controllers it’s the left stick. Hold it all the way down for 3 seconds until the motors will turn off.

hand catch a drone

If you are still a bit nervous doing this you can also wear protective equipment such as gloves, glasses & a hard hat.

There you have it, easy.



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