Line of Sight Drone Surveys

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Line of Sight (LoS) Drone Surveys

A turnkey line-of-site solution for the mobile telecommunications industry.

Using UAVs/ Drones to conduct line-of-site work has a great impact on safety, immediately removing any high-risk activities and eliminates the need for a tower climb or even the use of EWPS.

Drone-based LOS surveys can be used to prove link obstructions and assess service impact assessments, including greenfield sites without the use of an EWP which is a major advantage over the traditional methods.

Due to the precision, control, and lightweight construction of our UAV’s (drones) we can operate up close to subjects or utilise a high powered zoom camera, gaining a better view without compromising safety or property.




3D / Digital twins

3D / Digital twins

Line-of-sight Survey

Line-of-sight Survey



3D Model Replicas

We use drones to re-create mobile towers into a digital twin (3D replica)

Whether you have a lattice tower, guyed mast, or monopole, this technique provides an intuitive method to capture complete data sets of your asset. Our 3D models can be used to obtain azimuths, complete accurate measurements, and hold complete photo data sets.

These models can hold great benefits to future upgrade works and can be accessed on libraries that can hold complete site portfolios or even individual sites.

Live Inspections

Live stream our inspection to your desktop computer.

Our live drone inspections can be guided directly by your team from anywhere around the country as it happens.

This is particularly helpful in complex jobs, safety audits or projects under time constraints, saving valuable time by removing the requirement of missed data and re-mobilisation.

Live video feed can be relayed to anywhere in the world

Mobile tower structure inspections

Undertake a maintenance inspection at a lower cost than the traditional ‘climb and inspect method’

We can obtain more photo data in significantly less time while keeping crew safe on the ground, furthermore having no disruptions on the network.

Using drones gives the ability to complete your routine asset inspections more frequently at a lower cost and producing higher quality data.


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Safety first

The safety of ALL employees in any situation is the most important consideration.

Our drones (UAVs) can be sent in to do the dangerous and risky inspection tasks that would otherwise have to be done by a person. This eliminates the element of danger in otherwise potentially high-risk situations.

We provide highly detailed photos and thermal imaging to asset managers, linesmen, and inspection engineers. Our UAV systems are specifically calibrated and shielded against high levels of electromagnetic and radio interference from powerlines, mobile towers and more. 


Highly trained, experienced, and compliant pilots.