UAVISUALS launches new online drone academy – Drone Masterclass Academy

Drone Masterclass Academy is the ultimate online drone school for aspiring professionals helping those kick-start a career in the Drone industry. 


DMA is the brainchild of UAVISUALS group, a leading Australian drone services provider, committed to providing creative and industrial uses for remote systems. From humble beginnings, UAVISUALS was founded in 2013 at the dawn of the drone revolution by Aaron Rajamoney. Conceived by passionate individuals, determined to solve creative, civil, and industrial problems through merging technology. 


We (UAVISUALS) have always been an advocate for knowledge sharing, as we believe it will lift the industry as a whole and also form valuable partnerships. Our growing youtube channel’s feedback has indicated knowledge that people are craving for this type of service. Early in 2020, we decided that we wanted to give back and share our extensive experience with the industry, so everything we’ve learned and continue to learn from our real-world experiences has been used to create a complete collection of hands-on, online drone courses.   


We have been working very hard over the last few years to tackle a specialised skills shortage in the drone industry. Whilst there are plenty of licensed operators out there the industry is lacking the skills, knowledge and know-how to perform remote operations across the multiple industries drone services are applied in.


What’s inside drone masterclass academy?

Drone Masterclass Academy by UAVISUALS is the ultimate collection of online drone courses that includes over years of commercial experience and in collaboration with some of the leading drone companies across the country and beyond covering all aspects of drone applications and services.


“We have created an education hub for the drone industry to come together, learn & share knowledge which will lift the industry as a whole” – Aaron, founder of UAVISUALS

There will be a total of 7x courses tackling the main industries first one off the rank is; Real Estate which covers getting started, gear and accessories needed, best settings for photography, videography, post-production, delivery to clients, and real-world job shadows.

Once inside the courses, delivery and style are all video-based, one-on-one, personable, and together with plenty of free resources and information for the students to ‘level up’. 

See examples of our drone tutorials from our youtube channel:



Drone Real Estate Masterclass Online Course


☑️  50+ private video tutorials

☑️  FREE presets, templates & resources

☑️  FREE footage and RAW images to try yourself

☑️  Real-world job shadows

☑️  Editing tips & tricks for Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Lightroom & Photoshop

☑️  Access to our exclusive community


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Learn how to shoot to industry standards, flight plan, understand camera settings, post-processing, VR360, panoramas, and advanced video editing techniques which will blow your clients away and help you land more work!

Further courses that are in the making and will be launching soon are; Starting a drone business, Inspections, Surveying, Photography, Cinematography and FPV.

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