The day I taught a Maasai how to fly a drone

I spent close to 4 weeks traveling/ volunteering & working in East Africa. This was my 3rd time back in Kenya & absolutely love it!

Johnathan is a tribesman from Narok & he currently works as a night guard at the organisation along with his other Maasai friends. The organisation ( uses Massai tribesman to patrol and secure the premises as they are feared and have a long history of being warriors!



We chat everyday about his culture, animals, clothes and of course the weapons he uses to protect the farm! One of the arrows is dipped in a concoction of a poisonous plant and a deadly snake venom!


We always talk about drones & one day he said how about we trade.. – ‘you teach me how to hunt & ill teach you how to fly a DJI Mavic Pro’. I said DONE!


A quick pre-flight briefing

Basic controls on the DJI Mavic Pro

Check out the jewellery!

That smile can not be removed!

He tells me it is just like a Play Station

‘ole sere’ – Good Bye


UAVISUALS have trained many people on how to fly but how quickly Johnathan picked this up.. incredible! He said he had the most ‘fantastic time’ flying and he is going to save up money to buy one so he can patrol the farm!



See you again my friend.


More info on the organisation: – Helping break the cycle of poverty and child abuse.

Special thanks to Rafiki Mwema ambassador, Constance Hall for her love & support: