Real-time Thermal Drone Mapping

There’s been big news for the drone industry in the last few months. Drone software giants DroneDeploy have released ‘Thermal Live Map, a real-time drone thermal mapping solution. As you can image, the UAVISUALS team is excited and we’ll tell you why:

Using the latest technology, Thermal Live Map generates thermal drone maps right there on your iPhone or iPad.  This means there’s absolutely no need for internet, a computer or even SD card! Crazy, right!?

Video courtesy of

The biggest advantage, aside from the fact we don’t have to lug around extra equipment, is that we can obtain instant information whilst the drone is still in the air and from any location, no matter how remote; and when you’re out in rural Australia this is a huge deal!

Thermal Live Map uses the latest advancements to generate thermal drone maps. Image courtesy of DroneDeploy

Furthermore, the fact Thermal Live Map can gather data immediately means we can assist our clients in making faster decisions right there on site without having to go back to the office and review.  This will be a massive advantage, especially for industries that rely on drone inspections to identify dangers or damage on site.

For our energy clients, it’s too time-consuming and unreliable to inspect solar panels from the ground.  Thermal Live Map can be used to quickly detect damaged solar panel cells from the air, identify these issues in real time and resolve them ASAP.

A solar farm being inspected from the sky. Photo courtesy of DJI

Building and roof inspections can be dangerous but through the use of drones, workers no longer have to scale a ladder or buildings to spot leaks or damaged areas.  Thermal Live Map will help improve safety for workers and perhaps potentially save lives.

If you would like to know more about how we can use Thermal Drone Mapping for your business, visit our Commercial Services page or contact us today.