‘Top Downs’ in Country NSW

Top-down drone shots Top down drone shots have become extremely popular as of late. The drone photography technique is extremely easy to do, you just need a creative eye and the ability to point the camera down! On UAVISUALS recent trip to NSW we were photographing a series of road and rail imagery for a […]

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drone hyperlapse

How to make a Drone Hyperlapse

Learn how a drone hyperlapse is done! Aaron takes you through a comprehensive step by step tutorial on how to create this spectacular shot. If you are starting out in drone videography or an expert wanting to know new techniques this video will show you how to do it.   Feel free to skip to […]

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When drone mapping and the gaming world come together

We constantly hear about drones being used in construction, film and real estate but the latest innovative and exciting use is in the $100billion industry of ‘digital videogames’. Yes- that’s right, this includes games for consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, PC and even mobile Apps!   “Digital videogames is said to pass the $100 Billion […]

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TOP drone cinematic techniques

Learn the 8 most used drone cinematic shots that will have you flying like a professional camera operator from day 1. You can do this with any drone and with a few weeks of dedicated practice you will really start noticing the difference! Before I get into the shots you need to realise or understand […]

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How to hand catch drone

You might be wondering why on earth would you want to catch your drone?! Just take off and land from the ground like every other normal person.. right? You will most likely find yourself in a tricky situation that’s out of your control and force you to catch-land your drone. Some situations can be a dog has […]

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TOP 10 drone photography tips

    TOP Drone Photography tips I still remember my first flight with my DJI Phantom 1 drone around 2012. The nerves and excitement of flying this thing after spending months testing and setting the link with my GoPro. The idea that there was a possibility of it crashing into a tree or going for a […]

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Top 10 common drone crash errors

TOP DRONE CRASH ERRORS The below are the 10 most common pilot errors when flying drones. A compilation and analysis of thousands of flight data and ‘blackbox’ recordings have revealed by DJI that these are the most common ways drones crash. 1 – CSC in mid-air (Combination stick command) New pilots often crash their drones by […]

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small rpa

New Australian drone laws explained

What are the new drone laws? On September 29 CASA & the Australian Government deregulated the current RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) law which will allow a person to operate a very small RPA (that is less than 2kg) for commercial gain. However the operation must be conducted under strict conditions. Standard operating conditions means that the RPA must be operated within […]

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uavisuals in the local paper

Moorabbin Leader feature

Aaron from UAVisuals has been featured in the local melbourne paper the Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader. The feature outlines the services outside of drone photography that can be of huge benefit to various industries such as agriculture to oil and gas.   From farmers wanting to find out why a crop is failing to real estate agents […]

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