Gimbal guard lock. Do you need one?

Gimbal guard for drones, do you need one? In short, yes! Everyone needs one.

If you don’t have one or have lost it make sure you get one it will save you a tonne of money if your camera gets damaged!

We recently picked up the PolarPro gimbal lock for the Phantom 4 Pro and it is excellent! Made out of a tough composite plastic and fits perfectly with any filter on top.

See here a quick unboxing & hands-on first impression video of the gimbal guard.

Why do you need it?

The main reason for getting this particular type of gimbal lock is to be able to use it with a CPL or ND filter. The original DJI gimbal guard lock only works when there is no filter attached and the normal camera housing is on. This can be annoying as most of our line of work requires a filter is used- which means there is a lot of time wasted removing the filter after each shoot just so you can get the gimbal guard back on.

Designed for PolarPro but works on most other 3rd party filters

Clips on like normal

Enough room to leave your filter on for travel

Where to buy?

You can buy PolarPro products virtually anywhere now, they have huge online distribution outlets.

Click here to purchase and see more of our gear and accessories we use.