Hundreds of residential roofs inspected by a drone- All in a day’s work!


Asset Economics are pioneer quantity surveyors specifically within the property and construction sector in both the consumer and corporate market.

After being approached by a body cooperate company to provide roof inspections for 155 houses within a housing development, Asset Economics got in touch with UAVISUALS to see if we could help using drones.


Asset Economics required a large number of houses to be inspected in a short period of time. They were needing to determine if the builder had correctly installed a specific type of box gutters as per the original housing plan.

Roof inspections are quite a common service, however, with such a large quantity requiring inspection, this can be expensive, dangerous, and time-consuming to complete. Each roof would have needed to be individually inspected by a person which would require weeks for logistical planning and execution.


UAVISUALS industrial team were contacted by Asset Economics with the potential of delivering drone solutions to complete the roof inspections

We were able to offer quick and easy solutions to provide high-resolution drone photography & a survey of the 155 roofs. Our 2-man crew was able to mobilize & get airborne in just 20 mins and safely complete the inspections in a matter of hours. We used multiple drone surveying techniques and the latest technology to pick up plenty of detail that can’t otherwise be seen from the ground.

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